Behind The Scenes: Carnival Vista (Episode 7)

Gotta say, this was a fun one


In the final episode of Behind the Scenes: Carnival Vista, the Bold Man and the Sea Media team got to test ride Carnival’s newest feature, SkyRide, which promises epic ocean views atop the upcoming Carnival Vista. For a sneak peek of the prototype, check out our host Peter Gonzalez, a.k.a., The Bold Man and the Sea, as he does a little soul searching on a suspended bicycle.

Unlike the other episodes, which are primarily based in Italy, Episode 7 was mostly premised in Waconia, Minnesota. Also unlike the other episodes, we were legally allowed to use our DJI Inspire, i.e., the Drone — and to say that Drone shots of a rollercoaster-esque attraction made for some dynamic footage is a devastating understatement.

At the same time, shooting with so many moving pieces isn’t easy: the camera pans, the ride slides; somewhere, a rooster crows (the location was a farm!).

The coolest part of the whole thing was meeting the inventor of SkyRide technology, Scott Olson, who also created Rollerblades and even appeared on the popular ABC reality show Shark Tank. Scott is the everyman who worked hard, thought big, and struck a lot of gold. Seriously, if you’re looking for dream-chasing motivation, talk to this guy — he was like a combination of Richard Branson and The Dude, in the best kind of way.


A major perk of shooting with chill people on an expansive farm with a compelling subject is that we got to experiment with a ton of new camera techniques. Also, we got to go on SkyRide like twenty times (#ballerstatus).



Minnesota was a little chilly for our Miami-bred blood, but, man… what a wild ride it was. Pun intended.

Take a gander at the season finale, and then tell us: are you ready for SkyRide?

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