Finding True Love On Our BlindLove Video Shoot

You just matched with BMWriter1! Say hello!

You: Hi! 🙂

You: I was looking for the Bold Man and the Sea Media blogs section. Is this it?

BMWriter1: Yep! Welcome to the Bold Man blogs! Your #1 spot for all behind-the-scenes crazy-cool shoots, travel pics, and videos we partake on here at Bold Man and the Sea Media (spoiler alert: there’s a lot of them)!  

You: Cool!

BMWriter1: Yea, pretty sweet! Anything you want to check out? We’ve got it all! 🎥 Ships, planes, restaurants, zoos! Yep… 🦁 and 🐯 and 🐻 ….and 🛳 and ✈ and, well, you get it!

You: Umm… have you guys ever shot anything romantic? Everyone loves a good love story!

BMWriter1: Absolutely! A few months back we shot a video for an online dating app called BlindLove. Check out this BTS shot from our shoot!

You: Awesome! Wait, I can’t see the video… Why is it all blurry? 😢

BMWriter1: Well, that’s what BlindLove is all about. BlindLove isn’t like most dating apps out there. In order to view each other’s photos, you have to spend some time getting to know each other by chatting and sending each other voice messages.

You: Oh, I get it. Blind love is real love, ha! Clever!

BMWriter1: Exactly! 👏

You: Wow, so this must’ve been a little tough to shoot. Right? It’s a video about an app full of blurry pictures!

BMWriter1: Yeah, but we love a good challenge! Our team took this task head-on. The team over at BlindLove had an idea for a video: two people sitting in a studio chatting one another on their phones and falling in love. The catch? The two people were pixelated, just like your BlindLove App photos. As they talked and got to know each other better, they eventually became un-pixelated! Then they looked up to see one another for the first time and boom…love is in the air! 💗

You: Whoa, that sounds intense!

BMWriter1: It was definitely unlike anything we’d shot, that’s for sure! We loved every minute of it. From our production team getting to stretch their filmmaking muscles in a huge studio to our post-production team turning into VFX ninjas creating the pixelated visuals and text chat effects, there was a lot to love about this project.

You: I can almost see your video, how exciting! Any other juicy details?

BMWriter1: Well, if we had to sum up our BlindLove shoot in one word, it’d be thankful. We’re incredibly thankful to the team behind BlindLove, Federico and Rembrandt, our incredible makeup artists MJ Delmoral and Marcos Duran, and of course our talent, Amee, Katie, Pierrah, Santi, and Augustine, for this opportunity to work on something so outside of the box. Now all that’s left for you to do is check out the video below!

You: This is amazing! Looks like you guys are living bold!

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