Gaming Bold: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

This year’s Summer Games Done Quick has us thinking back to long summer nights spent deep in gaming heaven as kids (thanks for the trip down memory lane, Twitch)! Our team at Bold Man and the Sea Media doesn’t just love good tech, we also love catching up on great video game trends, too (because what kid didn’t love playing Mario, Zelda, Mega Man, Tetris… okay, you get it!). That’s why we make it a point to stay educated on the latest and greatest video game consoles and games out there (you know, for research purposes).

If you don’t know what Summer Games Done Quick is, you gotta check it out! Powered by Twitch, this awesome tournament raises money for Doctors without Borders all while reminding you of the simpler times when your biggest concern was how you were going to make your way through Bowser’s Castle.

When your entire industry is based around the phrase, “hurry up and wait,” you often find yourself with some time to kill on longer shoots. When the Bold Man team is not on set shooting awesome videos, we’re diving into the latest in entertainment. So when Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch in March of 2017, we were immediately onboard for this new era in portable gaming. The moment Nintendo announced Mario Kart was being released on the system, we already knew how downtime was being spent. 🏎

So how hooked are we on the Nintendo Switch? Well, let’s just say that the number of people on our team that have the Nintendo Switch easily outnumbers those who don’t (rest of the team: please get with the program!). Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (yep, there are now over eight Mario Kart games) is perfect for our team to play after a long day’s shoot. I mean, it’s a racing game starring all your favorite Super Mario Bros characters (and also Lemmy, Larry, Iggy, Wendy, Roy, Morton, and Ludwig…look them up) and filled with tons of ridiculous items, implausible race courses, and absurd obstacles. Nothing helps burn off some steam than zigging and zagging through a race as your favorite character and scoring a last-minute speed boost into first place.

If you couldn’t tell already, our team works hard AND plays hard. Don’t be surprised if you catch us huddled together playing an intense game on our switch during a layover! Don’t mind us, we’re just in the middle of a Grand Prix on our Nintendo Switches, desperately trying to settle some grudges from our last tournament. We’d like to apologize in advance for any noise we may make as the race comes to a close (those blue shells are cheap and you all know it).

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