imax at the new carnival vista

The perfect way to describe our time aboard the Carnival Vista?

The perfect way to describe our time aboard the Carnival Vista? Cue slide metaphor! The Carnival Vista features the “Kaleid-O-Slide”: 455 feet of corkscrew twists and turns through wild kaleidoscopic colors. It is incredibly fun, and very long! Now, when you finally come flying out of it, you feel completely giddy, albeit a little disoriented—pretty much exactly how our team felt after 18 days aboard the brand-new Carnival Vista, It was a wild ride, but we loved every minute of it.

Shooting with Carnival Cruise Line is always a FUN time (see what I did there?), but there is something especially thrilling about being part of an inaugural sailing. Maybe it’s because there are so many new and exciting spaces on board. Maybe it’s because of all the positive energy from the awesome crew. Maybe it’s because of the breathtaking scenery of the Mediterranean. Or maybe it’s because there’s a brewery on board, but who’s to say? (Beer is good!)

In the coming weeks we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite ports and the fantastic shore excursions, but first, here are some of the top venues we shot aboard the brand-new Carnival Vista!

dreamscape led lights at carnival vista

DreamScape: made with happy thoughts, and LED lights.

skyride shoot

This SkyRide shoot was for the birds… in a good way!

carnival vista skyride

Bold Man team member Patty puts on her acting hat for the SkyRide video. Tough job.

at the redfrog with Eddie Allen

We call it a walk-and-talk, but it’s really a stand-and-drink-beer (with Carnival VP of Beverage Operations Eddie Allen). We think you can see why we made that switch.

imax at the new carnival vista

The magic of production: making a closed set look like a packed house. Watch this video featuring IMAX to see how it turned out (spoiler alert: really well!).

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