Making Our Military Smile At Carnival’s Humor for Heroes Event!

Enjoying burgers, tacos, and ice cream during the beautiful Californian summer weather while cracking up at jokes from Adam Devine and other amazingly talented comedians… sounds like a hell of a vacation, doesn’t it? (Who’s in? We are! ✋) Well, this is no vacation: this is Carnival’s Humor for Heroes event in San Diego!

Yep, Carnival sent our team at Bold Man and the Sea Media over to the Point Loma Naval Base in sunny San Diego for their Humor for Heroes event in support of our military! It was a project we were more than happy to work on. Whenever the military is involved, we’re there! It’s great to see our heroes unwind and having a great time (and visiting San Diego ain’t half bad, either! 😏).

We arrived at San Diego a day before the event. Staying at the historic U.S Grant Hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter, we were inspired to tour the city and soak in the sights. To that end, we rented some bikes and took off across San Diego. The weather was fantastic – a sign of good things to come at the Humor for Heroes event the following day. After indulging in some delicious Fish Branzino at Herb and Wood that night, we were more than ready for what the next day had in store. (pro tip: delicious dining before a shoot makes for one happy Bold Man team).

Hello, shoot day! We met up at the Point Loma Naval Base with the hosts of our video: comedians Eric Schwartz and Andrew Sleighter. With Eric and Andrew in front of the camera, we went on a tour through the naval base’s numerous pop-ups, activities, and activations. Everywhere we went, Eric and Andrew were quick to crack folks up with their hilarious jokes and antics. Whether they were slingshotting giant plush cherries at a target or chowing down on Cherry On Top ice cream, they dished out some serious belly laughs.

After canvassing the entire event with our hosts, it was time for them to hop onstage and do what they do best and deliver a hilarious stand-up routine. Cool, right? But that wasn’t all! Carnival and Operation Homefront had one more surprise for our heroes in the military: none other than actor and comedian Adam Devine took to the stage at the Humor for Heroes event, serving up laughs at a mile a minute.

Carnival, Operation Homefront, Adam Devine… this is one shoot we won’t forget. Ready for a good laugh yourself? Check out our recap video on Humor for Heroes below!

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