Singing and Dancing Aboard the Carnival Horizon!

When you step into the Bold Man and the Sea Media conference room for a group brainstorm, you never know what’s gonna happen. Armed with Sour Patch Kids gummies, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and other irresponsible snacks, our creative team hunkers down and gets to brainstorming the wildest and most exciting ideas for all our clients. On one particular brainstorm in early 2018, the Bold Man himself, Peter Gonzalez, came up with an idea for the newest Carnival ship: what if we staged a musical number aboard the Carnival Horizon?

With the Carnival Horizon about to head out on its deadhead sailing, our creative team got to work on what was probably the most intense creative conceptualization and pre-production period for any one video we’ve worked on. We spent countless hours analyzing scenes from La La Land and other musicals while searching for that one perfect track for our musical. We finally found the one – or rather, two – songs fit for our musical at sea. What were they? Well, we had a lot of work ahead of us, but we knew we had to “Stay Cool” and just say, “Let’s Do It.”

We had our song. We had our vision. Now we just needed a group of multi-talented singers and dancers who were capable of learning new choreography in time for the Carnival Horizon deadhead sailing and were actually able to hop aboard a cruise ship to perform in front of our cameras. No problem, right? Lucky for us, Carnival already had a troupe of skilled performers with trained sea-legs: the Playlist Productions team.

Slowly but surely (actually, more like quickly and scarily), all the pieces came together. So in March, the Bold Man team joined the entirety of Carnival’s Playlist Productions for a week out at sea on the all-new Carnival Horizon. The shoot itself brought its own complications. Final touches were being applied everywhere throughout the new ship, dictating where we could shoot at any given time. On top of that, the weather was still quite cold out at sea (shooting at the all-new Seuss Waterworks while avoiding the ice-cold-water-challenge of a lifetime!).

Bold Man In The Adriatic Sea 🎥 🌊🛳

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There was one thing that kept us all going – and it was the confidence that we were doing was going to be AMAZING. Everyone from cast to the Bold Man crew was game for this exciting new project. Whatever the obstacle, we overcame it. When we look at the end result, we don’t see the difficulties, the late hours in the office, or the crazy shoot schedule. We see a group of talented and creative people who gave their all to make this crazy dream of ours possible. We hope you enjoy our Carnival Horizon musical!

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