Zen to the 10s with Eden Roc and Nobu Hotel

Here at Bold Man and the Sea Media, we may seem like a group of rugged adventurers, full of grit and character, but we’ve also come to enjoy the finer things in life. (pinky up! 🥂) So when the awesome people over at Eden Roc Miami Beach and Nobu Hotel asked us to photograph their series of elegant spas, salons, and fitness areas for their website revamp, we knew yes was the only answer!

What do you think of when you think hotel spas and salons? I bet it’s someplace comfortable, beautifully lit, and endlessly elegant. Well, the folks at Eden Roc and Nobu felt exactly the same way. They set out to create the perfect relaxing vacation experience for their guests, something that was evident from the moment we stepped foot in their hotel properties to scout the locations.

Immediately we saw the potential challenges of photographing these locations. While the Plunge Pool, Relaxation Lounge, and Salon Services areas all had that warm and cozy aesthetic you want in your therapeutic vacation getaway, we knew that it would take some work to capture those feelings in a series of photos. So we went into our shoot prepared to work hard so you (all future guests at Eden Roc and the Nobu Hotel) could see yourselves resting easy. 💆🏽

Our inner zen is feeling so inSPAired!🧖🏻‍♀️🧖🏾‍♂️

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How did we do it? Well, we had to set the scene everywhere we went. We adjusted certain areas to better showcase the vibe of the space, added lighting to dimly lit relaxation rooms in ways that didn’t seem so obviously lit by us, and became professional towel rollers, placing perfectly rolled towels throughout the spa, filling the frame, and adding to that relaxing touch. We even stirred up the water in the plunge pools ourselves so that we could simulate that “just got out of the water” look (team dedication: 110%).

Was it worth it? After two long days of shooting and scene-setting all across spas, fitness rooms, salons, and suites, we could’ve used a trip to the spa ourselves, but we immediately got back to the office and our fearless leader, Peter Gonzalez, got into photo edit mode. The results? Well, just look all around this blog and you’ll see just how good these look. We think these photos speak for themselves (although your resident blog writer would be very happy if you read all about it, anyway). So next time you’re browsing online for tropical getaways at Eden Roc & Nobu Hotel, keep an eye out for these extra bold photos on the web.

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